STIR TO ACTION: Winter edition on the future of money

Dear Associates, 
The winter edition of Stir to Action [the Magazine for the New Economy] is out. 
It reflects the core issue, which we must all tackle within our own location and activities..
It would be good to know from anyone who receives that  journal or works with Stir to Action, what you think arises from that initiative’s deep probing community activities that might give a lead to advancing the BOTH/AND of vital palliatives within the extant culture AND a new curative monetary paradigm freed of destructive usurious exponential exploitation:

Editor’s Letter – Jonny Gordon-Farleigh .  Winter 2022
Nearly ten years ago we published an issue on The Future of Money, during a relatively energetic and optimistic period in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Even at the time, many were already starting to question if this movement was over-promising any significant change in our financial sector. In the issue we published an article on Bitcoin, an organisation ‘printing money on Twitter’, and ‘Positive Money’s proposals for reinventing finance. 
10 years later, we are still waiting for the launch of a series of regional mutual banks, a National Investment bank for the sector is still only a policy ambition, and we’re still experiencing the negative outcomes of the Co-operative Bank’s attempt to create a ‘supermutual’, which ultimately forced it to lose control of 70% of the bank to hedge funds. We are still largely and unsurprisingly undercapitalised as a sector.’

The Editorial continues with three more paragraphs hinting at this edition’s dozen probing contributions: I wonder if you’d feel it a positive move to write to Jonny Gordon-Farleigh on

PS: Vital progress is being made by a working group on the Sun Paradigm and that will be reported soon.
Yours, Peter

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