CCMJ Fundamentals

The Christian Council for Monetary Justice (CCMJ) supports exploration of some fundamentals of creativity in the Global Household.  

• Associates know of, and participate in, work on all these issues:  • Interest and Inflation Free Money • Land, resources and location value • Factors of production – land, labour and capital • Citizens Income/Dividend • Exponential function • Alternative currencies • Interest free new money created as a public utility – thus tackling embedded structured exploitation (in its monetary form ‘usury’). • Reinstatement of the Commons.  We support the following:

• Rent as public revenue to be returned to the community as the outcome of inevitably interdependent productive contributions – challenging the misguided but resolutely defended laws of property; and renewing our understanding of the nature of trusteeship, stewardship and co-operation.
• Debt cancellation to end intolerable exploitation, which now divides rich and poor in a ratio of Closely linked to the Jubilee theme and the agencies pursuing it.
• Credit to be made available and lent under the audited discipline of its ability to nurture replenishable productive creativity in goods and services, recoverable subsequently in a vibrant economy.
• Basic Livelihood 
to be provided for all, as a platform for the development of each person’s unique potential while exciting mutual respect for given talents of immense variety – call it Citizens’ Income, Universal Basic Income or Social Dividend
• Local Currencies
 being encouraged as a means of renewing localised mutuality so essential to viable communities.

All adding up to replenishment of the earth  and its manifold resources by global house-keeping as the predicate to economic thought and design.

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